Goodnow, C.C., Raison, R.L., (1985)

Structural analysis of the myeloma-associated membrane antigen KMA

The Journal Immunology, 135(2): 1276-1280

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Keywords:   KappaMab  |  K-1-21 or mKap  

Walker, K.Z., Boux, H.A., Hayden, G.E., et al. (1985)

A monoclonal antibody with selectivity for human kappa myeloma and lymphoma cells which has a potential as a therapeutic agent

In: Microenvironments in the Lymphoid System. Edited by G.G.B Klaus, Plenum Publishing Corporation

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Keywords:   Free light chains  |  K-1-21 or mKap  

Raison, R.L. and Boux, H.A. (1985)

Conformation dependence of a monoclonal antibody defined epitope on free human kappa chains

Molecular Immunology, 22(12): 1393-98

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Keywords:   K-1-21 or mKap  |  Epitope

Walker, K.Z., Hayden, G.E., Goodnow, C.C., et al. (1985)

Co-expression of an epitope on human free κ-light chains and on a cytoplasmic component in activated T cells

The Journal Immunology, 134(2): 1059-64

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Keywords:   In vitro  |  K-1-21 or mKap  

Boux, H.A., Raison, R.L., Walker, K.Z., et al. (1984)

The surface expression of a tumor-associated antigen on human kappa myeloma cells

Eur. J Immunol., 14: 216-222

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Keywords:   In vitro  |  Free light chains  |  K-1-21 or mKap  |  Epitope