HaemaLogiX is engaged in three broad phases of research and development. First, the Research & Discovery phase of our pipeline involves discovering and developing new antibodies and CAR T cells. Second, the Preclinical phase includes testing antibody candidates in the lab to show that, for example, they bind to the intended target(s). Third, Phases 1-3 are clinical trials, where safety and effectiveness (efficacy) are tested in stages in humans.

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Phase IIb trial in 40 patients, KMab + Rev/Dex 1-3 lines of therapy

Indication: Multiple Myeloma

Phase III

Research & Discovery


Phase I

Phase II

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LambdaMab candidate selection is ongoing

We are transitioning to a viral vector and mouse model to be initiated

Three candidate 
constructs, purification & affinity testing is the next step

*LMA.CAR-T and LMA Bispecific are potential future additions to our pipeline

Indication: AL Amyloidosis

Preclinical evaluation of KMab use in AL amyloidosis is ongoing

Preclinical evaluation of LMab use in AL amyloidosis is ongoing

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