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About Us

About Us

The team at HaemaLogiX, together with our collaborators, is researching unique immune-based treatments to improve outcomes in patients suffering from blood cancers. The goal of these treatments is to help a patient’s immune system fight their own disease. We aim to commercialise our therapies through a series of strategic partnerships.

HaemaLogiX was formed as a private Australian biotech company in late 2014. Soon after, we acquired the core proprietary technologies that are the foci of our research and development efforts to treat multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is a haematological (blood) cancer of plasma cells (B cells) that can cause focused damage to a patient’s bone marrow. Multiple Myeloma is considered treatable but generally incurable.

Since inception, our research and development activities have been funded by a small group of largely Australian investors, together with the four directors who jointly own a majority share.

The HaemaLogiX team has a wide range and depth of experience in antibody research, nonclinical & clinical development, manufacturing and commercialisation. Our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) members are internationally recognised experts in monoclonal antibodies and haematology. Our current research and clinical trial partners are global leaders in Multiple Myeloma and AL Amyloidosis therapy.

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