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Watch: The latest on our CAR-T technology at Myeloma Australia’s 4th Workshop

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21 December 2022

This video includes two segments and responses to questions on our technology presented at Myeloma Australia’s 4th National Myeloma Workshop on October 2022.

There is growing interest in a form of immunotherapy called Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy as a treatment for multiple myeloma. Two products were recently approved by the FDA.

Professor Simon Harrison (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre) spoke on the development of our lead therapy, the monoclonal antibody KappaMab, into CAR-T cells, including mouse study interim results. 

Dr Mary Sartor (Westmead Institute for Medical Research) spoke on the relevance of HaemaLogiX’s targets, Kappa Myeloma Antigen (KMA) and Lambda Myeloma Antigen, (LMA) for multiple myeloma patients who have relapsed and/or become refractory to standard of care treatments.

HaemaLogiX Chief Scientific Officer Rosanne Dunn responds to questions on the origins of our target antigens KMA and LMA, and the expression of our targets after treatment with other standard of care treatments.

View the first segment of the presentation with Professor Simon Harrison here.

View the second segment of the presentation with Dr Mary Sartor here.

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