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Honouring Rare Disease Day: The Battle Against Multiple Myeloma and AL Amyloidosis

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28 February 2024

Today, on Rare Disease Day, we reflect on the courage and resilience of those facing the challenges of rare medical conditions. Among these, multiple myeloma and AL amyloidosis stand out as complex and rare forms of blood cancer, affecting a small yet significant portion of the population.

In the United States alone, approximately 32,000 people are diagnosed with multiple myeloma each year, while around 2,200 individuals are diagnosed annually with AL amyloidosis. These statistics underscore the importance of continued research and innovation in the field of rare diseases.

HaemaLogiX Ltd is at the forefront of this battle, dedicating its efforts to finding effective treatments for multiple myeloma and AL amyloidosis. Through our work, we aim to improve the quality of life for those affected by these diseases through potential new treatments.

Rare Disease Day is a global initiative that raises awareness about rare diseases and the challenges they pose to patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. It serves as a reminder that even though these conditions may be rare, the impact they have on people's lives is significant. By shining a light on rare diseases, we can encourage greater understanding, support, and research into these often overlooked conditions.

As we commemorate Rare Disease Day, let us stand in solidarity with those affected by rare diseases, including multiple myeloma and AL amyloidosis. Together, we can work towards a future where rare diseases are better understood and more effectively treated.

You can access the video here.

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