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HaemaLogiX abstract accepted for publication at the International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma

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15 June 2023

HaemaLogiX is pleased to announce the acceptance of an abstract for publication at the International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (ICML), held in Lugano Switzerland 13-17 June.

The abstract is titled ‘Kappa myeloma antigen (KMA) and Lambda myeloma antigen (LMA) are expressed on B cell malignancies and are promising novel targets on malignant plasma cells'.

The abstract highlights that after standard of care treatment, antigen density of both HaemaLogiX’s targets, KMA and LMA, was increased on relapsed refractory bone marrow plasma cells compared to that of BCMA, which is a common therapeutic target for standard of care for myeloma. This suggests that myeloma plasma cells that have KMA or LMA on the cell surface are resistant to standard of care treatments.

These results indicate that HaemaLogiX’s immunotherapies KappaMab and LambdaMab have therapeutic potential in relapsed refractory myeloma patients where there is the combination of either high KMA density on kappa type myeloma plasma cells or high LMA density on lambda type myeloma cells. KMA and LMA are not present on normal B cells or other immune cells so following treatment with HaemaLogiX immunotherapies normal cells are retained.

Read the abstract here.

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