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AusBiotech 2022: HaemaLogiX CEO Bryce Carmine to present

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17 October 2022

HaemaLogiX CEO Bryce Carmine will present at this year’s AusBiotech Conference on Thursday 27th October in Perth.

Bryce will present an update on the development of our novel immunotherapies for patients with blood cancers and B-cell disorders, with a particular focus on our CAR-Ts for multiple myeloma.

HaemaLogiX has diverse therapies that target two novel molecules found only on cancer cells Kappa Myeloma Antigen and Lambda Myeloma Antigen. We have a key focus on antibody and CAR-T cell immunotherapies, both preferred forms of treatments for multiple myeloma. We’re also developing bispecific antibodies.

These therapies may be applicable in additional disease areas, such as amyloidosis (preclinical studies currently ongoing) and autoimmune diseases - multiple sclerosis, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis - giving them wider market potential.

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