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Pioneering the development of novel immunotherapies for patients with blood cancers and B-cell disorders.

Our Team

The HaemaLogiX management team has deep expertise in immunotherapy development and the unique antigens that our treatments target. Our Scientific Advisory Board comprises internationally recognised experts in monoclonal antibodies and haematology. 

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Our Pipeline

We’re developing a suite of diverse immunotherapies including monoclonal antibodies, CAR-T cells and bispecific antibodies, with a key focus on treating multiple myeloma and early investigation of AL Amyloidosis. 

Our Innovation

Our immunotherapies are designed to target and attack two unique antigens expressed on malignant cells – these antigens are not found on normal cells or tissues - making our treatments unlike others on the market. 

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News & Events

Watch: The latest on our CAR-T technology and more, presented at Myeloma Australia’s 4th National Myeloma Workshop

21 Dec 2022

Watch: What makes our immunotherapies different on the large and growing multiple myeloma treatment market

15 Dec 2022

Watch: HaemaLogiX Chief Scientific Officer Rosanne Dunn presenting the poster: ‘Novel antigens LMA and KMA are expressed on malignant bone marrow plasma cells from patients at all stages of multiple myeloma’

20 Dec 2022

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