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Pioneering the development of novel

immuno-oncology and immune therapies

Our Team

The HaemaLogiX team is researching immune-based treatments that target unique antigens on malignant cells to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from blood cancers.

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Our Pipeline

Our research platform involves multiple approaches in treating Multiple Myeloma – a blood cancer, and AL Amyloidosis – a life-threatening abnormal protein build-up in tissues and organs.

Our Innovation

Following the discovery of two unique antigens on malignant Bone Marrow Cells, we are developing Monoclonal Antibodies, CAR T cell Therapies and Bispecific Antibodies that specifically target those malignant cells.

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News & Events

HaemaLogiX and Lonza Collaborate to Manufacture KappaMab, a Multiple Myeloma Drug Candidate

27 Jan 2022

HaemaLogiX welcomes Tertia Dex to the team

17 Jan 2022

HaemaLogiX welcomes Professor Simon Harrison to the SAB

21 Dec 2021