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Two posters, highlighting HaemaLogiX results, were presented at International Myeloma Society, Athens

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8 October 2023

HaemaLogiX is pleased to announce that two abstracts were  accepted  for poster presentation at the annual International Myeloma Society Meeting and Exposition,  which was held in Athens on 27-30 September, 2023.

On 27 September,  2023, Prof. Simon Harrison, Director of the Centre of Excellence in Cellular Immunotherapy at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, presented the poster ‘A Novel CAR-T cell therapy targeting kappa myeloma antigen for the treatment of multiple myeloma’.

View the poster here.

On 28 September, 2023, HaemaLogiX Chief Scientific Officer Dr Rosanne Dunn presented the abstract ‘Novel antigens LMA and KMA are expressed on malignant bone marrow plasma cells from patients at all stages of multiple myeloma and in other plasma cell dyscrasias’.

View the poster here.

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