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HaemaLogiX initiates collaboration with TPL Path Labs

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7 May 2019

In May 2019, HaemaLogiX employed TPL Path Labs in Freiburg, Germany to perform a series of tissue cross reactivity studies using frozen normal human tissues and two of our human anti-myeloma antibodies. 

The two therapeutic antibodies in development target lambda myeloma antigen (LMA) and they bind to a unique conformational epitope that has been identified on lambda light chains (λ LC) and myeloma cells.

These studies are being conducted to address preclinical regulatory requirements from FDA/CDER and EMA to demonstrate that non-target tissue binding (i.e., binding to non-tumor or healthy tissues) of the antibodies is not occurring. Such binding “may have serious consequences in a human, particularly when pharmacologically active antibodies or cytotoxic immunoconjugates are used”.

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